How do we approach this?

Together we will hire and create value within your company. Our approach is not a ‘fit for all’, but will be tailor-made to your needs during our first meeting.  


Intake meeting

We meet up to discover your company, its culture & values and discuss your requirements for your future talent. This is an important step in order to hire the right talent together.

Talent search, pre-selection & interview with the talents

– We will publish the vacancy on several platforms in order to attract the best possible matching candidates who meet the criteria of the vacancy.
– We select them based on your requirements.
– We analyze their technical competences and soft skills during an interview.

Talent Shortlist

We present you which talents that are interested in the position and that fit your requirements, company DNA and values.

Interview coordination

We will coordinate the interview(s) between you and the talent and follow-up after every conducted interview.


If possible, we will provide you with a reference check of the talent that will focus on your questions and/or doubts.

Negotiation and offer

In full transparency we mediate the salary expectations of the talents and your budget with the goal to find an agreement.


We set up a signature meeting between you and the recruited talent.



We advise on a smooth onboarding to have a faster return on investment.


We meet up after one month to discuss the integration and the expectations and possible other topics.


We provide a 3 months’ guarantee period for the newly hired employee.


Career connect