Career Connect is a recruitment agency based in Brussels specialized in Finance & Accounting, Sales & Marketing and HR profiles.

Carreer Connect is a recruitment agency based in Brussels specialized in Finance&Accounting, Sales&Marketing and HR profiles. After years of experience in the field, we realized that one crucial element was not valued as much as it should be.  A person’s identity is nowadays equally or even more important than the competences they will bring to your company. Too little attention is paid to matching the personal values with the values of the company. When recruiting, you receive 100 similar resumes for 1 vacancy.It is of utmost importance that you look at the person behind the resume together with their talent and competences. Their identity is unique and will determine if there is a cultural fit. 

The first question we will ask you, whether you are a talent or a client, is the following: Who are YOU? This innovative approach of connecting values and ensuring both the cultural fit and the competences is what we are striving for!

We have chosen to match talents in 3 divisions, in which we have gained knowledge and know-how:  Starting our career at an international recruitment agency, we specialized in Finance&Accounting profiles. Secondly, our career switch to corporate in different HR roles, we have successfully hired Sales&Marketing talents. Finally, HR is who we are!

It is with PassionQuality and including your Well-being that we will support you in your challenge you are encountering!


Career connect is an enthusiastic team that is not aiming to be the biggest recruitment agency, but to be the one with the most unique approach. We want to be the agency that finds the perfect match not only based on the competences on the resume, but also match the person behind the resume with the company that fits best. 

We strive for a culture fit and adding value to your company and therefor ensure an aftercare and onboarding process.

Career connect lives by values that are not only strong, essential, and unique but are also made to build long term relationships. With these values we are offering you the best fit for your company.



Career Connect Recruitment agency

We breathe recruitment.      Connecting careers comes naturally for us. We listen to your needs and use all available methods in our reach to find that perfect added value. We are constantly learning, growing and innovating and so is the market. In this way we can offer you the best service.


Career Connect Recruitment agency

Since 2021 we started looking at well-being in a different way. It is not only important that the person matches with the required competences, but also ensure there is a cultural fit. The work – private life boundaries faded so it is very important that we maintain a healthy balance that works for both parties. Therefore, we will follow up on the onboarding process and offer an aftercare process so we can create a value together.


Career Connect Recruitment agency

We strive for quality before quantity. Sometimes it all goes down to that one person that fits your culture. We believe in open and honest communication and leave no room for doubt. We want to work together in hiring and adding values.

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